Join Our Team of Campus Ambassadors!

Spread the word about Greeks4Good to the Greek Community on your college campus and make a tangible impact on the future of Greek philanthropy!

Greeks4Good Ambassadors are motivated students that love what our platform does to support philanthropy for sororities and fraternities and are excited to share Greeks4Good with their peers!

Our Campus Ambassador Program:

As a Campus Ambassador for Greeks4Good, you'll be involved with creating and implementing initiatives to help grow the Greeks4Good community on your campus.

We'll provide you support and guidance to help structure your outreach, but we'll also look to you to come up with innovative ways to connect with fraternity and sorority members at your school.

In your role as a Campus Ambassador, you'll gain valuable skills and experience, while helping Greeks on your campus raise more money for worthwhile causes. It's a win-win!

Gain Experience + Build Your Resume

Gain real-world experience and build your marketing, sales, leadership, networking, and communication skills.

The Campus Ambassador role is a great addition to your resume. Professional references, letters of recommendation and LinkedIn endorsements are offered to outstanding ambassadors.

Access to Mentors + Networking

Outstanding ambassadors are invited to participate in one-on-one mentoring sessions with our company founders.

Personalized networking opportunities and introductions are also made available to outstanding ambassadors when they begin a career search.

Earn Commissions + Bonuses

Earn commissions for engaging chapters on your campus.

Bonus cash and prizes are also available for high-performing ambassadors.

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