Create a campaign, help build a school.

When you create a fundraising page for your philanthropy event on the Greeks4Good platform, your impact is amplified.

In addition to the money you raise for your own philanthropy, Greeks4Good will donate 5% of our profits to help build schools in communities that need them most.

We're proud to partner with Pencils of Promise, and the work they are doing to create schools, programs and global communities around the common goal of education for all.

They're not just building schools with four walls - they are creating a transformative educational experience that includes inspired teachers, a proper learning environment, access to clean water and basic bathrooms. And we're on a mission to help them do this for more students, in more schools.

The more you raise for philanthropy, the more students we can educate. It's a win-win!


"Education is the single most important civil rights issue we face today... we simply cannot afford to lose out on the potential of even one young person. We cannot allow one more young person to fall through the cracks."




250 million children of primary school age lack basic reading, writing and math skills.



Up to 75% of children in more deprived regions of poor countries can’t read a single word even after several years in school.



The cost of 250 million children around the world not learning basic skills translates into a loss of an estimated US$129 billion per year.

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Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

Education reduces poverty, helps prevent disease and empowers the next generation.

Groundbreaking in Salquil Grande, Guatemala

When children are educated, they are armed with the courage and self-confidence to better themselves, their families, their communities, and ultimately the next generation.

With education, children learn how to prevent illness and improve overall health, build and maintain infrastructure, manage personal and professional relationships, understand and advocate for basic rights, and secure a livelihood.

2012 Pencils of Promise Guatemala with Adam and Scooter

And these tools help children pull their families and communities out of the cycle of poverty.


Provides Higher Income

A quality education breaks the cycle of poverty. Globally, every year a child completes of primary school increases earnings by 10% and raises the average annual gross domestic product by 0.37%. Children who receive an education are more likely to send their own children to school, preventing the transmission of poverty through generations.

Leads to Improved Health

If all women completed primary education, the under-5 mortality rate would fall by 15% in low and lower middle income countries, saving almost a million children’s lives every year. Going to school also allows students to learn about healthy hygiene practices, which they can bring into their daily lives.

Breaks Down Gender Gaps

Girls who go to school are less likely to marry early or against their will. Education empowers women to make life choices and strengthens girls’ beliefs in their ability to achieve goals.

Brings a Better Future

When all children have access to quality education rooted in human rights and gender equality, it creates a ripple effect of opportunity that influences generations to come. Education continues to be identified as one of the key conditions for determining peace within societies.

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Through our partnership with Pencils of Promise, we donate 5% of our annual profits to providing a transformative educational experience for students in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos.

We’ve chosen to partner with Pencils of Promise because they are an incredible organization that is delivering long-term, sustainable education for communities through a holistic, community-driven approach.

Pencils of Promise has built more than 429 schools since 2009. But these school builds encompass much more than just putting up four walls. PoP also provides teacher training and support, along with student assessment, to ensure that students are learning effectively. They also provide water and health programs to teach students about sanitation and keep them healthy enough to stay in school.


There are 250 million kids who can’t read and write. By creating a campaign, you are helping to change this.

Join the movement and help us educate a generation. Start your campaign today!