Our platform comes stocked with every tool your chapter needs for a successful philanthropy event.

Pick and choose which features to include with your custom fundraising page:


Keep the money you raise, regardless of whether you reach your fundraising goal. Optional donation levels personalize the giving experience.


With unlimited ticket types for each campaign, PDF tickets that are emailed instantly and a downloadable guest list, it's the simplest way to run your event.


Specify custom features, price levels, "on sale" dates and quantity available. The optional shipping charge allows for merchandise sales to out-of-town supporters.


Fundraise as a team! Allow members to create their own unique fundraising page on behalf of your campaign.


Easily display sponsor details and logos on your campaign page to give your sponsors the recognition they deserve.


Identify specific tasks you need help with and allow people to sign up to volunteer via your campaign page.


Easily track which member is responsible for donations, ticket and merchandise sales and download real-time reports.


Funds can be sent directly to you (via check or venmo) or directly to your foundation or non-profit organization.


Our new mobile app allows chapters to raise money for philanthropy on the go! Accept debit and all major credit cards without the hassle of a card reader. Payments are integrated with Greeks4Good.com fundraising campaigns.


In order for you to hit the ground running with the Greeks4Good platform, we've compiled some recommended resources for you to review prior to the school year:

Greeks4Good Overview


Creating a Campaign


Logging Your Service Hours


Frequently Asked Questions





Take advantage of our tried and true strategies to help make your online philanthropy a smashing success!

  • Line up at least 5 initial supporters before sharing your campaign with a broader audience (members of your chapter are usually a good bet). Having early support on your page makes future visitors 74% more likely to contribute!
  • Require all of your members to purchase event tickets and merchandise through your campaign page. This not only simplifies logistics on the back end for your philanthropy event, it also builds early momentum for your campaign that will inspire others to support you.
  • Share your campaign on social media and ask all of your members to do the same. Keep sharing on social media throughout your campaign!
  • Ask your members to forward your campaign page on to family and friends with an explanation about why the cause is personally important to them.
  • Send your campaign page to alumni and ask them to support your philanthropy.
  • Ask Panhellenic & IFC to forward your campaign page to other chapters in your Greek Community.
  • Many local businesses are looking for opportunities to market to college students and, as a result, they are happy to support your philanthropy event in the form of a sponsorship… all you have to do is ask!
  • You can easily use custom donation levels on your campaign page to designate various sponsorship levels (and their corresponding benefits – i.e. free tickets to your event, logo on the back of your t-shirts, etc.) to make it easy for companies to support you as a sponsor.
  • Give sponsors the exposure they deserve by adding a sponsor recognition section to your campaign page.
  • Encouraging each of your members to sell a certain number of tickets or t-shirts is a great way to get everyone involved with and excited about your philanthropy, while helping you to raise more money!
  • You can enable Team Member Fundraising Pages on your campaign, which allows individual members to setup fundraising pagse with unique URL’s and fundraise on behalf of your campaign.
  • Alternatively, you can have each of your members promote your main campaign page, but still track which which of your members is responsible for bringing in supporters.
  • Consider giving out prizes to top fundraisers… the friendly competition is any easy way to help you raise more!
  • Whichever way you decide to run your contest, you can easily download a real-time report detailing which member is responsible for each donation, ticket or t-shirt sale via your campaign dashboard.
  • Reach out to supporters you may not have already touched base with. Send a press release to local media to tell them about your campaign or ask the organization that will benefit from the funds you raise to share your campaign on their social media pages and with their networks.
  • Create a flyer advertising your campaign page and distribute this to your community and post it all over campus. Don’t be shy about asking for support for your campaign!
  • Post updates every couple of days on your campaign page. Share your personal thoughts and gratitude, highlight significant milestones, etc. Bring your participants and supporters along for the ride, increasing the likelihood that they’ll continue to share your campaign with others.
  • Make a big push for support or participation as you near the end of your campaign, including sending a final email to your friends and family.
  • Include a sense of urgency in excitement to drive action as your campaign nears the finish line.
  • Remind potential supporters about what impact the funds from your campaign will have for the organization or cause you are supporting. When possible, include a story or example of someone/something that has benefited previously.



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