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8 Reasons Why You'll Love Greeks4Good:

Sororities and fraternities on campuses across the country love using Greeks4Good for their philanthropy fundraisers and events. Here's why:

Raise 3x More

Bringing your philanthropy fundraiser online makes it easier to spread the word, reach a larger donor pool and raise up to 3x more!

It's Easier to Support Your Cause

People can donate, buy event tickets and purchase merchandise in a single, secure transaction! (Stay tuned for our mobile app that will handle ticket and merchandise sales on-site at your event!).

Save Time Planning

Sell tickets and t-shirts online, instantly receive donations or collect event registration fees, and eliminate the hassle of managing multiple forms of payment.

Exclusive Access to Fundraising Support

Campaign creators get exclusive access to our proven fundraising ideas and techniques, as well as complementary consultations with our experienced fundraising professionals.

Safe & Secure Fundraising

Fundraise with confidence, knowing that all transactions through your campaign page are made in a secure, PCI-compliant environment.

Keep Every Donation You Receive

Keep the money you raise, whether or not you reach your fundraising goal.

Individual & Team Fundraising

Individual Chapters, Councils and Greek Life Communities can easily create campaigns for any philanthropy event. Soon, you’ll also be able to create or join a team fundraising campaign!

Mobile-Friendly Campaigns

Because your campaign page is mobile-friendly, people can easily give on the go!



"Our event is officially over, and it was an enormous success. I cannot thank Greeks4Good enough - our campaign page allowed us to make one of the largest donations we have ever made to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Having a campaign page for this event was the least stressful part of the entire event planning process because of your customer service. You were so wonderful about getting back to me with any questions or concerns I had about the Greeks4Good platform. The way our donor information was presented in the downloadable excel sheet was also great - it made it so easy for us to keep track of donations and ticket sales.

I could go on for paragraphs about all the things I loved about Greeks4Good! You guys were such a huge help, and choosing to work with y'all was one of the best decisions I made throughout the entire event planning process. I am excited to spread this amazing platform to other Greek organizations at my university."

- Katie Adler, Philanthropy Chair at Chi Omega | Louisiana State University

"With Greeks4Good, we ended up raising more than we did last year, which was awesome because usually we pair up with a fraternity on campus to put this event on, but this year we did it on our own and did even better!

My entire chapter loved the platform, so I can safely say we'll be using Greeks4Good for all of our future events! Thank you again for all of your help with everything!"

- Hannah Smith, Philanthropy Chair at Alpha Sigma Alpha | James Madison University

"I definitely think that Greeks4Good improved our event this year. It made us look more official and enthusiastic about our philanthropy, versus using Venmo or Tilt for quick cash.

People who visited the site could see our fundraising goal, buy tickets, and donate all on one page. It also made it a lot easier to collect funds before the event. Parents of our members were also impressed with the campaign page and the ease of contributing. Being able to export the list of donors and information to Excel was extremely helpful too.

I'm passing on the torch to the next philanthropy chair and I'm telling her to use Greeks4Good for our big events, so we'll definitely use it in the future. Thank you so much for your help!"

Audrey Jackson, Philanthropy Chair at Kappa Kappa Gamma | University of Virginia

"With Greeks4Good my chapter was able to raise $2,000 over our goal! This platform allows everyone to sign up and donate money all with the click of a button in a reliable and efficient manner. I'm so glad I switched my philanthropy fundraising platform to Greeks4Good. Thanks so much again for everything!"

- Ashley Costello, VP of Foundation at Delta Gamma | University of Wisconsin

"Our event was a huge success - I loved using Greeks4Good! In the past, having a different website for ticket sales and merchandise was so overwhelming for both the organizer AND the attendees, but with Greeks4Good everything was extremely organized and easy.

I heard so many great things about our campaign page the first day we presented it to other chapters on campus. This was truly awesome to hear, so I really appreciate this platform.

You guys were so accommodating and helpful - I will definitely recommend Greeks4Good for future Kappa events, and would be willing to recommend it in our next panhellenic philanthropy meeting to other chapters!"

- Tara Elardo, Philanthropy Chair at Kappa Kappa Gamma | University of Central Florida

"We had a great event yesterday! Greeks4Good made it so easy for people to be able to see our event and purchase tickets ahead of time. We would love to continue using Greeks4Good in the future."

- Taylor Davis, Philanthropy Chair at Alpha Phi | University of Denver

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